Who are we?

Who are we?

SouthRay Home Soultions LLC has 10+ years of experience in the home service industry. We provide a variety of products and services such as solar equipment, water filtration systems, tub/shower renovations, and whole-house fans.

We service Loveland and all the surrounding cities in Northern Colorado.

SouthRay Home Solutions was founded in 2020, by the Granados family who currently resides in Loveland, CO. Their journey of wanting to start their company began 10 plus years ago after working for other business owners. While the experiences of working for other people have been both good and bad, they quickly realized that they had no control over any decision made by the business. It became very evident when the customers' needs were no longer being met by the company they were representing. They worked so hard to develop a great relationship with their customers, and now it was completely out of their control to fix it.

With the desire to live out their values and continue to service their customers, but not being able to make any changes, they quickly became frustrated. Having to jump from company to company when their values were constantly compromised, by poor management and bad leadership. Out of this frustration, SouthRay Home Solutions was born.

In the process of developing the structure for their company, they wanted to partner up with like-minded companies. Like them, they have the same mindset on giving you the best customer service experience.

Company Core Values:

"When you are raised in a household where you are taught to respect others, don't lie, don't cheat, and treat others the way you would want them to treat you, it becomes an everyday battle in the real world. You are constantly faced with needing to have a job so you can provide for your family while working for companies that make you compromise your values. SouthRay Energy gives us the opportunity to control the outcome and do what we have always wanted to do; creating a company with the same core values we have and pass that on to our team and customers."

1st Core Value: Customer Focused
Our first core value is to focus on buying your loyalty as a customer on every interaction you have with us. We want to continue to earn your business, even after you buy from us. We believe in being available to you as a business, and hopefully as a friend as well. We are passionate about helping each other succeed, and we continue to invest in you in many ways. One of them is our loyalty program. We pay out $1,000 for any referral you provide to us. You will receive your money after the install is finalized.

2nd Core Value: Transparency
You will always know what our true intentions are. We never want to be faced with having to lie to our customers. If we mess up, we will always be honest and own our faults. Even if the consequence leads to possibly losing your business. No tricks, no unethical behavior, and no lies.

3rd Core Value: Fun Experience
You can always expect to have a good time with us! We want to be entertaining, educational and overall make your day better. Life is already complicated enough. Why not try to make the most of it? We will always do our very best to earn your business, exceed your expectations, and leave you with a big smile!


Weekly Customer Updates! Every customer has access to their own secure 24/7 Customer Portal to enjoy "real-time" project status updates, with quick communication links to their technician and a real support specialist.


Top Tier Solar Equipment! We provide the BEST warranty in the industry!

25 years coverage on U.S. made panels
25 years coverage on our labor
25 years coverage on your roof
30-year production guarantee to back our claims


Lowest Equipment Pricing! Maintaining a low overhead allows us to pass on the savings to you! We offer several efficient, US manufactured panels, and top-rated inverters for less than our competitors.