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Our solutions services are:

Water Filtration Systems

Protect. Prolong. Improve.

At SouthRay Home Solutions we believe that water is an essential and crucial part of your wellbeing. Our customers are enjoying the taste, feel, and quality of their water that our filtration systems provide. Schedule your in-home consultation today to learn more about your water quality!

● Same-Day Installs
● Certified Professionals
● 10- Yr. Warranty
● Zero Maintenance System

Renewable Energy

Sustainability, Independance, $0 Down

Put the sun to work for you and enjoy the savings that solar panels provide with $0 down. SouthRay Home Solutions caters to you and provides a fully customizable experience to help you and your family transition to renewable energy.

● U.S Made products
● 30-Year Warranty
● Local Installers
● Professional and Trustworthy Team
● Bi-lingual support

Tub/Shower Remodeling

Safety. Comfort. Beauty.

SouthRay Home Solutions cares about the safety of you and your family. Our shower conversion kits ensure plenty of mobility and safety features to reduce the risk of accidents.

■ Clean and Efficient Installs
■ Experienced Installers
■ High-Quality Products
■ Flexible Payment Options

Whole House Fans

SouthRay Home Solutions is committed to helping you save 50-90% on your electricity bill by installing a QuietCool whole house fan. Get rid of all the stale air in your home and breathe better with fresh, cool air.

■ Cleaner Air
■ U.S made product
■ Certified Installers
■ Energy Efficient Products

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