1 :- Do My Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

1 :- Do My Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Before doing anything to you solar panels or equipment, make sure to follow your manufacturer's guidelines and your installers agreement/contract. Failure to do so can result in voiding your warranties. Depending on what climate you live in, the answer may vary. If you live in a state that is very humid and sticky, it's recommended for you to clean your solar panels. Things like pollen have a tendency of sticking to your solar panels and creating a small coating on top. If you don't clean it off, it may influence the production of your solar panels in a very small way. Dry weather states, like here in Colorado, don't necessarily require any maintenance to your solar panels or equipment. The sunny weather in Colorado works to your advantage. If we get snow, the sun typically comes out within a day or too, melting it all off. We have strong winds that will blow all the dust and debris off, and it's dry weather helps prevent any pollen from sticking to the panels.

2 :- Will My Home Insurance Go Up?

We recommend you consult with your home insurance agent for a more accurate answer. In most cases your home insurance will not go up. Once you install your solar panels, they become a protection barrier for your roof that has its own warranty. They are built very tough to sustain harsh weather conditions. Homeowners insurance sees that as an advantage to them considering that your solar panels will cover a big portion of your roof.

3 :- What If I Get Hail Damage?

Most solar panel manufacturers do not provide a warranty against any hail damage, however, the warranty may cover the labor to replace the solar panel. Individuals are offered to purchase extra warranties for the removal of solar panels in case of damage to the roof.. Make sure to read the agreement/contract before you sign it.

4 :- We Offer Multiple Ways To Go Solar


Home Equity Loan

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panel purchase, it's one way to do it



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Solar Loan

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